As an adventurous couple we travelled around the world trying many activities, but nothing got us hooked quite like axe throwing. We continued to practice throwing axes, destroying trees in our back garden, until recently deciding to take this hobby to the next level. We are therefore proud to introduce The House Of Axes, the first ever axe throwing range located in the heart of Prague. 

We are passionate about a sport that is quickly spreading across the globe and want to create the best experience for everyone. Whether you are travelling to Prague and looking to try something new or you’re aiming to compete 
in the International Axe Throwing Federation’s league
at our venue, we are here to make sure you have fun
in a safe environment.

Our venue has been chosen especially for its size, feel and location. Built in the 1860’s, our old stone cellar is packed full of character. Accompanied with the scent of fresh wood, good music and traditional Czech beer, this is the perfect place for urban axe throwing in the centre of Prague. 

We offer a hands on approach, where you will learn the rules and techniques to throw axes safely. We understand this may be a new sport for you but we have the knowledge and experience to have you slinging axes like a pro in no time.